Help With Selling A Family Home

After Genie’s mother died, her father wanted to move, but their house simply would not sell. In this video interview, she describes how working with Sheldon completely changed things.

I moved my 140 year old home from one location to another…

Sheldon came to me as a referral from a great and trusted friend. II had tried Feng Shui, with limited results, the house was too complicated. I felt it needed a major energy shift, a grounding. Sheldon and I discussed the history of the house, what I was trying to accomplish with the home, what was happening. Susan Van Horn

After We Moved I Felt a Disease That Grew in Intensity

When I first spoke with Sheldon, he listened intently, asking questions about the place that both validated my experience and helped me recognize that he had expertise with the phenomenon we had been experiencing. Denise C

I Wasn’t Sure I Would Stay in This House

I promised to let you know if the mysterious bird attacks on my windows started up again, but it’s been over a year now and there is no sign of such strange behavior. I don’t know how you did it, but whatever it was, it worked…. Diana Willard