The Book – Healing Houses

My Work as a Psychic House Cleaner
by Sheldon Norberg

Describing two decades of Sheldon Norberg’s psychic work, the book Healing Houses is far more than ghost stories. It details the phenomenology surrounding human emotional, bio-energetic, and spiritual residue on physical dwellings, and his development of a structural energetic perspective. With case-by-case studies of dozens of the houses he’s worked in, Norberg explains how the energy patterns of previous inhabitants affect the current residents, the intuitive processes he used to shift these patterns and restore energetic balance in his clients’ homes and businesses.

“In the intuitive sphere, we recognize that there are countless people who deny their own awareness and experience in order to maintain their rationality. When it comes to the phenomenon of energy in their homes, however, most people can’t possibly conceive of what might be happening, or admit to it without fear of sounding (or being) insane. Many of my clients credit me with saving them, not only from their home energy situations, but from those fears.”                      – Sheldon Norberg