House Healing

You don’t need paranormal activity to feel uncomfortable in your home, but if you do, you’ll be glad you found me. I have worked in all kinds of situations, from poltergeists to relentless bird assaults, always resolving the charges of past residents and events, so that my clients can fully inhabit their homes and live their lives peacefully.

To understand more about how your home might be affected, or the way my work works, read my Insights, or listen to this chapter of Healing Houses, about a particularly tough situation

Don’t imagine that such a rare and extreme case diminishes the severity of yours. If something feels off about your home, you can use my help. Even if you just want a fresh start, please contact me.

Realty Sales

Over the years, clients came to me with houses, beautiful, amazing houses, which simply would not sell. It was one such client that really pushed me into this work, as I discovered and healed her home’s peculiar issue, and it sold that weekend.

I have helped several clients in this regard, and look forward to teaming up with any realtors who understand the subtle nature of their business. 

If you are a realtor, one caveat, While I am most happy to be your professional ally, it is imperative that the seller themselves is engaged, as they are who we are both working for. 
From my side, it’s a matter of energetic ethics.

For a deeper insight, read about a home sale I worked on. 

Business Clearing

You can probably think of a restaurant location that always goes out of business. No matter who moves in, it fails. You don’t have to be a Feng Shui expert to recognize that something is going on there, although feng shui texts say that it is hard to succeed in a space where others failed. Likewise, many businesses with energetic problems, looking for a fresh start, or facing a change of ownership, management, or location, have found my unique brand of consulting to be highly beneficial. 

I have cleared one room therapy offices and ad agencies with multiple floors of high-rise office buildings, and always deliver results. Need to know more?

Read a chapter on my “Office Work”

House Blessings

Whenever you start a new chapter, alone, together, adding children or letting go of elders, ceremony grounds you into the present. Some times your home just needs a little updating, a sweeping, or a ritual to set your intention. This is always part of my cleansing process, but if you don’t have major issues to contend with, a Blessing Ceremony may be what you want.


I have studied ceremonial forms, written and performed numerous weddings, and understand invoking my clients intentions. Let me help you create the home you want to live in.


I was once contacted by the board secretary of John Muir Health Center, a large hospital chain in Walnut Creek, about a problem they were having. It was apparent to them, strictly by data analysis, that the stories they had heard for years about ghosts and events happening in the old cancer ward were true. The rate of worker illness, injury, and death on that ward were triple the rest of the hospital, and there were many complaints of paranormal events by night shift staff, which had huge turnover.

In spite of the facts, they were too rational to hire me, but I have worked successfully at board and care facilities that had high death rates, and here amidst the covid death wave, I encourage any forward-thinking administrators to consider the value I offer.