“Ann, myself and Lucy the cat moved into the lower flat in August of 1996. It appeared like a decent place, even a nice place, with hardwood floors, lots of windows, a garden. The first evening we went to look at it though I went away feeling a “heaviness” and I remember remarking to Ann, “….there is a sadness there and I hope it belongs to the person who is moving out”. The unit wasn’t vacant yet.

From day one after we moved I felt a dis-ease that grew in intensity as time went on. In those first couple of weeks we were quick to dismiss the depression we both felt as a transitional state having to do with our feelings around moving. There was a disconnected feel to this place, as if the rooms didn’t belong to each other. The living room was a room neither of us wanted to spend time in. There was a sensation of energy being drawn out of us, away from us into the two far corners of the room. When we shared feeling this way with each other, it was only slightly comforting that we both felt it.

We had someone come and do a house blessing, which helped fortify us, but only minimally helped the place. I began to feel sick to my stomach as I headed home at night, with this feeling reinforced when I stepped over the threshold and could feel a palpable energy field that immediately began draining me. I stopped remembering my nighttime dreams and generally awoke feeling exhausted rather than refreshed.

Lucy the cat began vomiting intermittently, then consistently, which continued for several weeks, resulting in 25% loss of her body weight. She was even hospitalized for three days when it was assumed she was close to death. She stopped entering my bedroom which had become the most “vibed” room in the house sometime during the month of September. This is also when the furnace pilot light went out over and over again. We couldn’t keep it lit.

My computer’s hard drive also “died” a mysterious death one Saturday afternoon. Friends who came to visit (without prompts from us) would mention that they felt incredibly uncomfortable in certain locations within the house. It was overwhelmingly clear to both Ann and I that this house didn’t really belong to us.
After about ten weeks, and a fairly serious decline in my physical vitality and huge doubts about my sanity, a good friend who has had some experience with energetic entities came to do some ritual work with me to try to release what I had begun to view as some desperate energy or soul looking for healing. It was after this visit that we realized we needed professional help, or we needed to move quickly. Within a couple of days I was given the same referral, Sheldon Norberg, by two separate individuals, the first being someone I consult with occasionally, the other a colleague.

When I first spoke with Sheldon, he listened intently, asking questions about the place that both validated my experience and helped me recognize that he had expertise with the phenomenon we had been experiencing. Sheldon arrived promptly that Saturday in November, and spent approximately 4-1/2 hours working on the place we can now call home. He was professional, skillful, and thorough. I can honestly say that I could feel the energetic changes happening in the place while he worked. Our flat started to feel more clear and more open.

There was an added bonus …. Ann’s tiny bedroom felt to her as if it had grown sizably. Lucy began entering my bedroom and even slept on the bed that first night.
After a couple of weeks I wrote a letter to the young woman who had lived here for two years before we moved in. Since her mother owned the building, I was interested in talking with her about our experience. Also, I was curious what it had been like for her to live in the place. When she called me a couple of weeks later, she admitted that she is a skeptic, yet she reported several of the same sensations and energy drains we had felt. She also experienced air circulation anomalies …. cold air drafts in unexplainable places. She even experienced objects occasionally falling off tables, something we hadn’t noticed. This conversation was validating to me and healing for her.

I wouldn’t hesitate to employ or refer Sheldon in the future.”

Denise, Oakland, California