“I moved my 140 year old home from one location to another, did a complete down to the studs renovation, and started a new business within the home. The first seven years I was in business was a constant struggle. I had difficulty making any money, my home relationships were difficult, my employee relationships were difficult. My marriage ended in a spectacular blow-up. I felt all along that the house was a vortex sucking energy, swirling it around, then spitting it back out in chaos. There was a lot of really great energy present also, but I felt like I couldn’t tap into it, couldn’t grab a hold of it for any sustainable period to make progress forward.

Sheldon came to me as a referral from a great and trusted friend. I knew something had to be done. I had tried Feng Shui, with limited results, the house was too complicated. I felt it needed a major energy shift, a grounding. Sheldon and I discussed the history of the house, what I was trying to accomplish with the home, what was happening. I was worried because I could not afford Sheldon’s fee, but he was so confident he assured me that I would be able to. We both laughed and agreed to move forward.

The day Sheldon came down I was about three days from having to declare bankruptcy, over $22,000 in back taxes due, $13,000 in past due bills, no real solution in sight. The property had been for sale for over a year and had fallen out of escrow just days before the close. I was at my wits end, no idea what to do. Sheldon spent about 5-6 hours working with the house and the energy in the house. I really have no idea what he did, but I know that it made a world of difference.

Within three days I received a bridge loan for $60,000, got my mortgage deferred for three months and qualified for numerous financial aid resources. A partner showed up to build a tennis program at my inn. The phone started ringing and reservations for the inn started happening. My vision for creating a retreat center called the Center For Soul, a place where love is created in the world started forming before me. My life transformed. My guests started making comments like “I love the energy here.” ” Your house has such great energy” All that I need has appeared. I credit a great deal of this toward setting my intention, asking for help and to the work Sheldon did with me to ground my home, and reset its course. I am excited, jazzed and clear on my life’s path.

Oh yes, my daughter slept in her own bed for the first time that night, and now sleeps there every night!”

Susan Van Horn
La Selva Beach, CA