Home Energy Flow Chart – Pt 1

Looking at the chart, you can see there are 3 Essential Categories of Energetic Influence, Financial, Physical, and Emotional, and at least seven sources of energy channeled toward the home, with additional subdivisions and further defined individuals in relationships with previous owners and neighbors.

Home buying being what it is, we have to look at the Financial Aspects first, and whether the home is truly affordable, or burdensome to you. If the previous owners are making a killing, or getting killed, you can expect the house and your relationship to it to feel differently. Imagine what it feels like to walk away from bankruptcy and lose your home.

More importantly, and less considered, your home is built on Land, where geologic predisposition, proximity to watercourses, magnetic anomaly, problems due to terraforming or habitat loss, and direct influences from birds, animals, or insects, may all play a part.

The signals that are usually most intense, however, are Emotional. While the land may carry the ancestral energy and spiritual contracts or historic trauma of native peoples or settlers, the events that have gone on in the home, to the individuals and families living there, and the emotional states of those people, are the signatures the home is usually known for.