My Fee

Ultimately my clients need to know what I charge. I used to be somewhat embarrassed about it because my service is so weird that it was hard to put a value on. In about 1996 one of my clients told me that I should be charging a $1,000 to do a house. I was a bit surprised, but in comparing myself to my lawyer friends, it was clear that I offered a much rarer service for my years of specialization. Still, since the problems were always different, and in many cases extreme, I could never guarantee that I could fix things, so I offered clients a half down, half if they felt the job was done. Invariably, I got the job done, and my clients were thrilled. (And come to think of it, lawyers charge even when they lose.)

As I got called in on more problem sales, it became apparent that the cost of sitting on the market for months, or lowering the asking price, or simply having the house staged by a realtor cost much more than I charged. I began to consider my rates as the value of homes in the Bay area climbed, and guessed that I was worth a month’s rent or mortgage payment.

In Person
My In-Home service generally takes 4 to 5 hours and costs $2000-2500, depending on the size of the home and severity of the problem.  Larger homes, estates, ranches, businesses, buildings, (I have worked on them all) go up from there, plus of course travel costs when required. I am, however, committed to making things work, and being affordable for clients with serious paranormal activity, who suffer through no fault of their own. I’ve always been sympathetic to the plight of renters as well, particularly apartment dwellers, whose landlords have no interest whatsoever in maintaining their property on an energetic level .

Distance Work
During the pandemic I began doing distance work, and while I prefer to be there in person, I now offer 1 or 2 hour options for general or detailed cleansing. While not as complete as in home service, it makes a difference, and only costs $250/hr. I have worked distance jobs as far off as Australia, with distinctly noticeable effect.

Covid Discount
We are living in challenging times, and I want to make my services available to anyone who has lost family to covid, particularly if you are feeling any remaining presence or challenge. As normal as dying at home was prior to this century, the fear and distance implied by covid are certain to leave lingering residue. I will gladly give 50% discount to any clients that need covid service.