SF Chronicle Hit Piece and Rebuttal

After Healing Houses was released, the San Francisco Chronicle sent Steve Rubinstein to shadow me on a house sale job. If I was a real psychic, I would have known that he had an agenda, but I tend to take people at face value (and he brought his disarmingly cute tweenish daughter, which made him appear open heart/minded).

In this rebuttal, I respond to his misstatements and ill-informed attacks. Below, I show the final sale listing, which completely refutes his premise, that my work was ineffective. In the end, the photo opp alone was worth the slander, but it was disturbingly petty!

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As you can see from this Trulia screen shot, the house DID sell, 10 days after my work, not in the two days before he rushed out his article. At $1.54M, it was 10% more than Rube insinuated it was worth, (and a bump that in itself was >50x more than what I charged).


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Here is the listing.