Geopathic Stress

Had a great time at the New Living Expo in San Francisco, and was intrigued by the number of times “Geopathic Stress” came up. I was surprised at how this term has crept into the greater vocabulary, while I endeavor to make Healing Houses the operative clause.

I’ve always felt that my grounding work dealt with whatever geological issues I’ve run into (including a few jobs that dealt with underground or nearby surface water), but I’ve never used the term Geopathic Stress. After doing some research, which led me to a fairly convoluted description, I can see why.

The term Geopathic Stress seems to have become a catch-all cause of illness, so everything can be blamed on it, from listlessness to CANCER. While cancer is stressed in the literature, GS is also then said “only to be an immune suppressant, not a cause.” It is also indirectly referred to as a cause in “sick building syndrome,” which in reality requires nothing more than the toxic substrates and poor ventilation our buildings are built with.

If there is one thing I try to avoid in my work, it’s asserting that an energetic phenomena is the specific cause of someone’s physical illness. There may be some component, but I find my work stands by itself without creating a sense of foreboding.

There are varying descriptions of the Geopathic elements, although they center around earth radiation being influenced by magnetic fields, EMFs, and subterranean water courses. They also add in ley lines, which I believe is a bit of a stretch. The assumption that an evenly spaced (and scientific undetectable) magnetic grid exists on a planet whose magnetic poles are so far off-center is hard to swallow. If one simply observes the natural phenomena of magnetic declination, one will notice how it is related to geology and topography, and fractally organized at best.

True, we are living in lots of places that we’d be better off not living in, and I find that our ability to ground ourselves and our homes is significantly different in different places. I also acknowledge the health impact of being ungrounded for too long, so perhaps I owe it to the GS community to do some dowsing and see what I come up with. I do, after all, have a pretty unorthodox practice myself. In the mean time, however, I find plenty of energetic phenomena are caused by our own vibrations.

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