Healing Houses
Healing Houses details Sheldon Norberg's two decades of work on homes where death, disease, and traumas of prior owners left palpable feelings for the current residents to contend with, as well as rationally inexplicable phenomena, and occasionally, ghosts...
About the Author
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Beginning with Transcendental Meditation at the age of ten, Sheldon Norberg’s lifelong interest in states of consciousness led to a number of studies that helped organize his professional practice.
Is Your Home or Business Affected by Residual Energy?
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Healing Houses details Sheldon Norberg's two decades as a professional psychic whose career has focused on houses where the deaths, disease, or trauma of prior owners left not simply ghosts or rationally inexplicable phenomena, but palpable feelings  for the current residents to contend with....  (click for more)

Click here to expand content  If you register here you'll find several chapters from Healing Houses below. Some are about the way the human energy field works, and some are stories from my client files. To see what I'm thinking about currently, you can also check out my Blog here. If you don't like screen reading, register and I'll plug you in to my Virtual Book Tour.
About The Work
House Stories
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Stories Not In The Book
Click here to expand content  As my book discusses, the work goes far beyond what anyone would expect. For instance, people leave energy imprints in furniture.

Upon seeing this amazing yarn painting by
Robert Forman, I decided to post this extra chapter here on the website. Enjoy.

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